6 Tips For Better Recycling

Recycling is an important part of waste management, but you’d be surprised just how many of us make mistakes when it comes to sorting and preparing our rubbish for collection. From recycling the wrong materials to putting contaminated cardboard and plastics in the bin without cleaning them first, even the simplest mistake can affect whether your recycling makes it to actually be recycled, or is sorted back into the main waste. Here are 6 tips for better recycling.

#1 Read Local Recycling Guidelines

Some localities have different recycling capabilities than others or may need you to handle some waste differently than others. To make sure that your recycling is suitable for collection in your local area, it’s best to make sure you familiarise yourself with the guidelines in order to get a better handle on what can and can’t be put into the recycling bin. Bulkier items could be recycled and may need to be taken to the local waste management point, or, if you have a lot of recyclable waste, could even be placed in a skip.

#2 Avoid Shredding Paper If You Can 

While shredded paper can be handled more efficiently than it was back in the earlier days of recycling, shredded paper or pieces that are too small can affect what it can ultimately be recycled into in the future. Paper has fibres, and the length of the fibres will affect how high grade the resulting products can be, so if possible, it’s best to avoid breaking paper down. In the case of private or sensitive documents, shredding can’t be avoided, but for the most part, it’s best to keep the sheets whole.

#3 Avoid Recycling Contaminated Cardboard

Grease and dirt can damage cardboard and while most of us tend to pop pizza boxes and other cardboard food packaging into the recycling bin, this can actually contaminate the rest of the recycling in the bag or box. Grease makes cardboard impossible to recycle, so it’s always best to only put clean cardboard in the recycling and either clean or dispose of contaminated waste in the normal waste bin, or in a compost bin.

#4 Recycle Plastic Bags Separately

Did you know that sorters at recycling plants have to open and check every plastic bag that passes through? This can slow down the process considerably, as automated sorting can’t be used, and human sorters need to take the time to sort through each bag and dispose of it and it’s contents accordingly. To keep the process streamlined, it’s best to collect bags you want to throw away, and then take them to a dedicated plastic bag recycling point or programme. A lot of supermarkets will have a point for this, so you can just pop them in during your weekly shop.

#5 Always Check The Label

Not all materials that look like they can be recycled are actually recyclable, so it’s always best to check the label. Plastic is a particularly important one - not all plastics can be recycled yet, and others might require shipping overseas to be recycled where the UK doesn’t have the technology to do so. Keeping an eye on the labels and packaging of the things you buy should give you the information needed as to what parts can or cannot be recycled, and how to dispose of them.

#6 Clean Your Recycling Where Possible

Some recyclable material won’t need to be cleaned before being put in the bin, but things like food packaging, drinks bottles and cans will need to be washed out and cleaned before they can be recycled. This isn’t done at recycling plants, and any contaminated or dirty material will usually just be thrown away. By cleaning out cans, jars, plastic trays and more, you can do your bit to ensure the materials will pass through sorting and make it to the end of the recycling line.

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